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Pauline Schulze is a German based mixed media artist and designer. She studied International Business and has a Master in Design Professional Practice. She has founded and run her own independent fashion brand. It was these years working in fashion that set the foundation for her art which is inspired by fashion, colours, materials, shapes, and process of creation. The strong connection of two dimensions: design and art are at the core of Pauline´s art practice. Her work is characterised using different materials decontextualizing and transforming objects from fashion and interior design.


The inspiration for my artistic approach originally comes from fashion: the colours, the materials, the construction of the garments. In the design and production of the collections, I have found that the creative processes are very intense, but the designs quickly become obsolete, and that there is an incredible amount of materials left over as  remnants and, if necessary, thrown away. I then asked myself, what if I use the leftovers and create something new that anchors the past in the present moment and prioritizes longevity.

In doing so, I am guided by the idea of creating visual sanctuaries. To bring to life the desires, longings that can be expressed through the colours. Because colour is our perception of the environment and the moments we experience. It leads us to the emotions and the emotions to the memories that we associate with certain things and situations. This is an encoding process. My goal is to consciously initiate this encoding and create the luminous, balancing moments.

My paintings are constructed like garments: there are the details and components that fade into the background and such layers that are more present and immediately graspable. I work with the raw cotton fabric that I cut, paint and place in a composition on the background. Also, the fabric scraps with their different hues and textures find the use. The colours reflect the emotions that accompany me in the moment, and they connect the artwork to the whole.

My art is to give the feeling of having arrived, to pause and pay attention to what your own perception says and thus to understand in its own way how we decipher what we see. 




Set up and management of the fashion label JOLONTÉ VOUS! – October 2011 – Februar 2017


THE STAGE GALLERY Group exhibition “B ON STAGE” // 23.02.23.-04.03.23 // Bonn

THE STAGE GALLERY Group exhibition “TRUE COLOURS” // 03.03.22.-13.03.22 // Cologne

AWARD WINNER 1st Place in the Group exhibition “SYMPHONIA” // THE HOLY ART London

THE HOLY ART Virtual Group Exhibition “SYMPHONIA” // 18.06.21.-25.06.21 // London

HAZEGALLERY Group Exhibition “GARDEN OF COLOURFUL MISTS” // 07.05.21 – 30.05.21 // Berlin

BOOMER Gallery Group Exhibition “ARTSY MOOD” // 07.05.21-13.05.21 // London

ARTBOX Project group exhibition, 2020, Zurich

MADS group exhibition “DRESSME”, 2020, Milan


Bruxelles Art Vue Power of Color 2021 artbook, January 2022, 9788396113658

Curatorial Volume. 3 CAPSULES BOOKS – July 2021 // see artist portfolio

Art Reveal Magazine no. 61, September 2021, [pages 70 – 74]; ISBN: 9781006419430


University of Northumbria, Newcastle/UK// Master of Design Professional Practice (distance learning)// January 2012 – October 2013

Fachhochschule Dortmund// International Business// September 2002 – October 2006

Schule für Mode. Grafik. Design, Offenbach am Main// Figurative drawing, fashion drawing, collage, concept & design, tailoring, pattern construction// September 2008 – September 2009

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