Project Fashion Art


“Pauline Schulze conceived her concept starting from a careful process of fashion and contemporary design’s analysis, observing the big fashion houses’ new collections and leafing through the most popular magazines of the moment. At this point the artist is automatically involved in a mental process that unites all of us: the desire to own those garments and to wear them, with the aim of feeling beautiful and self-confident; or to see your home as beautiful and elegant as those that appear in magazines. So Pauline Schulze literally dresses her canvases and makes them design pieces, with the aim of conveying to the observers her own questions and helping them to find the answers. To make them understand which color, which fabric or which garment can make them feel good.
The positive approach is at the basis of this project, designed to convey trust and hope to observers. In some works Pauline Schulze inserts sequins and drapes with bright colors, in others the combination of painting and fabric is more marked and evident: but in each of them lies a careful aesthetic and philosophical research. Each piece has its own history and reveals an intimate piece of the artist who, through them, undertakes different dialogues with her viewers, free to let themselves be guided and to interpret the message in their own way.”
— Giorgia Massari, art curator

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